On October 3, 2021, RADIUS Students gathered at our Centerville campus for our first All-RADIUS student worship night. We brought together our entire student ministry from all six locations to enjoy a night of fellowship and worship. Our students enjoyed connecting with each other and seeing each other for the first time since camp. It, most likely, was one of the first student events in the history of student events where a mass gathering occurred and no pizza was served (it will be next time).

The students were challenged to find three people they didn’t know and ask them their name, where they live, and their favorite food. The best answer for favorite food was air (smh RADIUS Saluda!) RADIUS Saluda campus pastor Trey Shealy showed off his amazing talent as an emcee for the night while also sharing his testimony. 

Josiah Murphy, worship leader at RADIUS Centerville, was able to rally the entire Centerville band there to lead worship. To support our Together 21 vision and developing a healthy U to multiply, Wes Bryant, student pastor from RADIUS White Knoll, shared a message on “Identity” and knowing who we are in Jesus.