Last week, April 26-28, six staff from across RADIUS attended the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The Orange Conference is hosted by The ReThink Group, whose mission is to align leaders and parents to create community around the timeless message of the Gospel, and mobilize the next generation to love God and serve others.

The RADIUS team, Trey Shealy, Luke Holder, Sean Coffey, Shaun Forrester, Stevie Horan, and Brent Squires, made the trip in order to learn more about how the church and family can come together to reach and disciple middle and high school students.  The conference consisted of daily keynote speakers and worship in the main sessions, with breakout sessions in between.  Several of the workshops attended were: The Spiritual Life of Students, Equipping Volunteers, and Helping Students Overcome Anxiety.  

The conference was informative, presented new perspectives on multiple issues students and families are facing, as well as provided a wonderful team-building experience.