How many times have we been in situations where God was telling us to do something really hard and we knew we had to trust and obey him? That is what we are going to teach our preschoolers this month through the story of Abraham. We’ll tell the story of Abraham, and how he trusted God to provide for him even when God asked him to move and promised what he couldn’t believe. Just as God had a plan for Abraham, He has a plan for us, too. God loves us SO MUCH and has a plan for us. As you go through these activities with your child, make cookies using a recipe or use instructions to build a house out of blocks together. Each time, talk about how God has a big plan and each of us has a part to play that he has planned out just for us!


Read together the story of Abraham from a children’s Bible or watch it HERE.

Here are other Bible stories to read with your kids in a
children’s Bible.
• Abraham Trusts God – Genesis 12:1-7
• God Gives Abraham and Sarah Isaac – Genesis 15, 17-18, 21
• God Rescues Isaac – Genesis 21-22


Bible Verse –

Abram believed (touch your pointer fingers to temple)
the Lord. (point up)
Genesis 15:6 (Open hands like a book.)

Who can you trust? I can trust God.

Words to Know – Abraham – Sarah – Lot – Canaan – Trust – Family – Stars – Plan

Songs to Sing – On Spotify, search Amber Sky Records, Yancy, or the RADIUS Kids – Preschool Playlist
for these songs:
My God Is So Big (Amber Sky) , Forever and Ever (Amber Sky) , Wherever I Go (Amber Sky)


Car Time – As you drive, talk throughout your drive about where you will make your next turn and how you will get where you are going. Talk about how we should pray to ask God for direction in life because he has a plan for us.

Play Time – Build a block house using directions. Talk about how Abraham fol- lowed God’s directions when he moved his family.

Snack Time – At Snack Time, make cookies with your child from a simple recipe. Talk about how, like a recipe, God has an amazing plan for His life, too!


Since our story about Abraham is about trusting God and doing what He says, I want you to think about what you want to do when you’re all grown up like your mommy and dad- dy. I’ll write down what you say. Then, when I pray, I’ll use our list to thank God for having a plan for us and ask Him to help us trust His plan.