Men’s Roundtable

Thursdays | 6:30AM
Perhaps the most pressing need in society today is for our men to act like men. This summer for six weeks, through Thursday July 24, at 6:30AM, all men, young and old, are invited to gather at RADIUS to explore how masculinity is lived out in our homes and in the world at large. For more info, click here.

Family Feud

Wednesdays | 7:00PM
One thing we all have in common is this – we all have a family. Our families are our greatest sources of joy, and often our greatest sources of pain. As members of our families, we have a lot of decisions to make, and we want to talk about those decisions as a church. That is why we are going to take 6 weeks and explore together family issues we all commonly face (conflict resolution, enabling, procreating, blending families, etc.). Let’s play the Feud!


July 27
Following our Trailblazers series, a number of folks have expressed interest in publicly declaring their allegiance to Jesus. We want to celebrate with them. Join us on July 27th as we celebrate through baptisms during the 11:00 service. If you would like to be baptized, please let Brian Kirkland know.

Sex Slaves

Aug 3-17
Our spirituality and sexuality are forever linked. For 3 Sundays, we’ll talk through a biblical view of sex. God’s design was for us to be naked and unashamed. Our culture has perverted our sexuality, but through Jesus, God gives us a release from slavery and calls us back to a place where we can live without shame. In the final week we’ll hear from someone who God has brought back from the depths of shame and enslavement in the sexual arena and set her free. This series will be age appropriate for high schoolers and above.