The RADIUS Church Multiplication Intensive is a program designed to train students and young professionals who express a desire to serve in church-planting or other multiplying ministries. This program is specifically for men and women who are in college, graduate school, or early in their careers. We focus on developing the whole person — the head, heart, and hands — through rigorous training, deep relationships, and practical experience. If you have a passion for Jesus Christ and are dreaming about multiplying His church, this program is for you.


Learning both spiritually and strategically in order to multiply ministries in a healthy manner.


Seeking Jesus with like-minded believers through spiritual disciplines.


Hands-on opportunities for growth, failure, and real-time feedback from trainers.

Explore Multiplication


The RADIUS Church Multiplication Intensive focuses on church-planting as the primary model of organized multiplication found in Scripture. However, there are many roles in planting churches, and we want to align our training with your gifts, passions, and abilities both now and in the future. We offer Intensives with emphases in the following areas:

  • Adult Groups
  • Student Ministry
  • Creative Arts
  • Kids Ministry
  • Ministry Operations
  • Production / Worship
Who is this program for?

The RADIUS Church Intensive is designed for students and young professionals who express desire to serve in church-planting or other multiplying ministries.

When does the intensive start?

The RADIUS Church Multiplication Intensive is over the summer, starting in late May and going from June through August.


Where will participants live?

We work with each participant to identify housing in close proximity to the individual’s site location. Many times, this housing is through RADIUS Church families.

What resources are provided?

Participants will be given books/resources needed for training. They are also provided with a small stipend for specific ministry purposes – i.e. meals with church members, and conferences.  There will also be one church multiplication trip within the U.S., with expenses covered by RADIUS Church.

What is the application/interview process?
  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Phone interview with RADIUS Church staff.
  3. Zoom or in-person interview with RADIUS Church staff.
  4. Additional interviews by phone if needed.
  5. RADIUS Church staff will reach out whether the applicant is accepted or not.
What are some hands-on opportunities?

Each participant will be assigned one of our RADIUS Church campuses and a ministry lead to shadow. Participants will be active in local outreach, attend ministry planning events, have opportunities to lead/teach in a variety of settings, and will be part of our student summer camp.

What will the schedule be like?
  • Sunday: worship at one of our campuses as part of a ministry team
  • Monday-Thursday: work with your RADIUS Church staff member / team at one of our campuses
  • Monday-Thursday: return home for an evening session, training, or conversations with church leaders
  • Friday-Saturday: Sabbath or other opportunities

Participants are paid $1,000 per month and work approximately 35  hours per week (with the exception of camp weeks). Participants have eleven weeks to complete ten weeks of the Intensive.

Time Off

Participants are given a total of one week of paid time off during their Intensive. This paid time off is to be scheduled in advance with a supervisor. In addition, there are paid holidays throughout the year.


The typical weekly work schedule is based on 35 hours per week for part-time Interns – although this can flex up or down depending on the season.

What's needed of me?

Participants are expected to provide their own transportation and should carry their own health insurance, as RADIUS Church does not offer health insurance to participants of this program.