Some people aren’t great at the whole creativity thing. Others are good at it, they just don’t feel like being good at it because it takes so much work. Either way, we figured we’d help you out by listing 12½ ideas you can use for your own, unique, totally original Backyard Party. Feel free to use any of the things listed below.

1. Get the Grill out

You are Michaelangelo. The grill is your canvas. The food is your work of art. A Backyard Party is your opportunity to create a masterpiece. Boom.

2. Cornhole

For those of you who are Northern, I refuse to call this by any other name than what it is supposed to be called: cornhole. It’s the perfect simple “sport” for outdoor Backyard Parties. In fact, it’s the only normal game that I can think of currently. If you have another, please leave a comment below this post 😉

3. Cater A Little Somethin

Some of us may not be, um, equipped to cook for a bunch (or even not a bunch) of people. And that’s totally fine! Catering is a very commendable selection. All I’m sayin is Chick-fil-A rarely gets burnt.

4. Bonfire

Speaking of burnt—set something on fire. Tell people to come near the fire and burn marshmallows till they’re withering and then put them in your body. Super kid-friendly. Works every time.

5. Popsicles

Got friends with kids? Invite them over, hand their children something that will change the color of their mouth and give them a sugar-high, and then set ‘em loose in the backyard while you socialize.

6. Ice Cream Social

Same thing as popsicles except Ice Cream is totally better. Remember to bring the right toppings (i.e. caramel syrup).

7. Homemade Anything

Okay so ignore the little thing earlier about burning things. I know some of y’all can flatout COOK. And there’s nothin like inviting the neighbors over for a lil homecooked something or other. How can they refuse? If they say “no,” just fire back “OH, SO YOU DON’T LIKE MY COOKING?!” It’s a great  way to guilt people into letting you neighbor.

Just kidding, don’t do that.

8. Music

So pretty much everything mentioned so far has been about food. Sorry. It’s like 11:45 and I haven’t had lunch. MUSIC though can be key to the (WARNING: Gen Z word) “vibe” in your backyard if you want it to be. Bluetooth speaker, your fav playlist, click play.

9. Movie Night / Game Night

Some of y’all are event-sy people. Selling your Backyard Party as a little Game Night (cards, board games, BINGO, or whatever else is normal and not weird) or as a Movie Night could be a great idea for you.

10. Water Party

You don’t have to live at the lake or have a big pool to have a water party: just get one of those cheap kiddie pools plus a kiddie sprinkler from Walmart and let the kids go ham. If you wanna get real crazy, buy some of those 30¢ water guns and have them fire away. Or get one of them slip ‘n slides. 

Kids or no kids, those things are fun.

11.  Breakfast for Dinner

Yes, more food. Because food is awesome, and pancakes are the best—especially the really unhealthy ones with chocolate chips and whipped cream and maple syrup and strawberry syrup and a little melted butter. Can’t go wrong.

12.  Host a Tournament

Who doesn’t love a little unfriendly competition? Flag football, cornhole, BINGO, a little hoops… make it competitive, purchase a cheesy prize, grab some boiled peanuts (cajun please) or popcorn for spectators and you’ll have the whole neighborhood in on it. 

12.5  Other Ideas

Okay so this isn’t really an idea. It’s just a disclaimer that if any of the above ideas inspired you to have some brilliant idea(s) yourself, I’m taking full credit for those as well, and they can each be categorized as Idea 12.5… 

But honestly if you do think that you have a good idea, please post it below 😉


If you’re still reading this, you for some reason felt it necessary to suffer through all 12.5 points. I applaud you for that. 

Now, go get planning and inviting! We’re looking forward to more than 100 Backyard Parties across the Midlands! Use this time to show the Love of Christ to your neighborhood (and take pics). This is what being active in our radius looks like!