In 2021, we got to come together as a church family at RADIUS Centerville and celebrate the baptisms of 27 people! We gathered at Lake Murray a couple times and even had our first baptisms in our new building back in December. We were honored to get to know each of these people, their stories, and how the Lord has been working in their lives. People of all sorts of ages, backgrounds, and stages of life were washed by the water and proclaimed their faith before the church. Each was an amazing celebration!

People baptized in 2021 at RADIUS Centerville: Charlee Lamb, Emily Allred, Steven Atwell, Abby Derrick, Anna Frye, Joel Frye, Macy Krick, Tanner Lewis, Maci McCutchan, Candice West, Preston West, Lillian Spears, Blake Burkett, Thomas Cox, Rebecca Cox, Robert Wallace, Hope Crapps, Rylee Gantt, Blakely Gambrell, Cathy Puckett, Alex Gibbs, Vanessa Austin, Gavin Gillespie, Brandon Johns, Erin Johns, Landon Matthews, and Emily Smith.