In January of 2021, Beka and I planted a new Anyone group with 1 other couple, 1 single guy, and 1 single girl (6 members total). In Fall of 2022, we sent out some folks to plant a new group, and we also sent out a single guy to help plant a third group. 

On November 14, we all got together for a Friendsgiving meal–27 of us, and that didn’t include every member from the groups! When we planted out our friends, we were all sad for the nature of our relationships to change, but we believed that this would create more seats for more unconnected folks to jump into community. Last night, God showed us how he has done that, above and beyond. To consider that our original 6 now represents 30 is wonderful; to recognize that there is even more space for folks is awesome!

— Jeremy Simmons – Groups Pastor at RADIUS Lexington & Ministry Lead