During our June Roundtables on apologetics, not only did we have a wonderful, solid response from the people at the campus, but many people came out for each Wednesday night during the month of June. This was exciting to see. However, when my 16-year-old teenager asked to come home early from vacation to attend the last night of this roundtable, I could have not been any more excited. My 16-year-old is excited about learning apologetics. She is excited to learn more about her faith and how to defend it. We are excited to see how these tools help RADIUS White Knoll reach their neighbors and make discipoles.
– John Ptak, Campus Pastor at RADIUS Church – White Knoll

RADIUS White Knoll had an exciting summer with Women’s Ministry. We started the summer with a brunch. This event was a big hit! It helped many women to connect with each other for the first time and not to mention, feel special. Following this event, the women’s ministry started their month-long study on prayer during their roundtable in July. Finally, they ended the summer with a “Paint and Pray” event. Many women from the campus as well as several visitors came and enjoyed themselves during this time. It was a wonderful way to close out the summer. The women ministry at RADIUS White Knoll is ready to make disciples in White Knoll and Pelion!
– Laura Ptak