This summer RADIUS Kids, Students and their families participated in outreach in their community through what we called RADIUS Reach. Families got to show God’s love to Saluda through their acts of service as well as hear bible stories and worship through songs and movement. 

For our first activity,  we painted rocks, learned how to have a servant’s heart and went on a prayer walk around the community. We made prayer journals to be used at home. 

The following meeting we set up a lemonade stand outside the church and gave away free lemonade. Community workers, and pedestrians stopped for some lemonade. We gave away cups to cars at the stop light and walked to the courthouse to give workers lemonade. 

Our latest event was Loads of Love. We went to two laundromats in Saluda to pay for laundering services. While there were only a few families at each location, we got to share God’s love with them. Each person we spoke to got a bracelet that the kids made, a plan of salvation card, and an invitation to church. We had a bucket of quarters left, so we will continue with more trips to the laundromat until we run out.

Our last scheduled RADIUS Reach is going to be Backpack Blessings. We will be collecting school supplies as a church and then taking them to Town Hall to donate towards their Back to School Supple Drive. We will spend time praying specifically for our schools; teachers, students and their families.