We believe that our generosity can best meets real needs when we can work in partnership with organizations who are better equipped to help meet real needs in our communities and around the world. We support the following partners because of their commitment to meet real needs and their mission to reach people through planting churches in areas without gospel access.

GEMS - India

In India, RADIUS partners with GEMS-India. Pastor Stephen is using his resources to equip local believers to be priests by building a school. The focus of the school is quality education in an English-immersion setting that takes a holistic approach to each child. In addition to this he also runs a seminary through his home, where local pastors are trained and then sent out to their towns to make disciples and plant additional churches. To date, GEMS-India has planted 67 churches and trained 185 pastors. In 2018, RADIUS partnered with GEMS through donations that were used as capital investments to expand St. Paul’s School and to do medical work in the southern part of India.  We plan to give GEMS $75,000 in the next twelve months.

Empower One

Empower One is an organization that plants churches among refugees in north east Africa. The RADIUS family is partnering with Empower One to plant churches among two unreached people groups in South Sudan, namely, the Jur and the Ingessana. These places are remote and hard to reach with the Gospel. One of these tribes is of another world religion. Specifically, RADIUS Church is providing support for two church planters along with their tools and transportation. Among the Ingessana, we are funding a local institute that will train 30 church planters in a one year program. These places are unreached for Christ! Our support for Empower One includes $35,000 over the next twelve months.

Hydromissions International

We are proud to partner with Hydromissions International to provide clean water wells for drinking and sanitation all over the globe. Hydromissions’ goal is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing safe water through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services. Our partnership is all-inclusive as RADIUS has the privilege to support Hydromissions financially with a monthly donation of $2,000 as well as sending folks to serve overseas on various trips throughout the year.