S.E.A. Place provides support, education and advisement programs to empower those in need in our community. We offer several programs including a GED class, youth mentor program, parenting class, and a faith and finance class.

In November 2022, S.E.A.Ā PlaceĀ mentors took three of our students out to eat dinner and had a great time with them. Two are seniors at White Knoll High School, one of which just returned from DJJ and is doing much better. The mentors were able to talk about the importanceĀ of finishing strong this year and graduating, as well as discuss some career and educational opportunitiesĀ after high school.

Recently, we celebratedĀ one of our 8th grader’sĀ birthday. This 8th grader, Josiah, was introduced to RADIUS Church by theĀ S.E.A.Ā PlaceĀ program and was recently baptized at RADIUS White Knoll!

Our GED class is continuingĀ to meet each Tuesday with 3-5 studentsĀ there each week. One student has already passed all sections of the GED and two others are very close and hope to finish soon. At a recent class, a new 18 year old student came for the first time and was not engaged. One of our older pulled him aside and to talk to him about his plans for his life and tried to explain to him the importance of his education. At S.E.A. Place we “Learn WITH eachĀ other“, and this is definitelyĀ the case. Our volunteers learn as much from our students as they do from them.

Thank you RADIUS Church for your support through the Ministry Grant program.

Website: https://seaplacelearning.org/