The Story

In 2003, six adults and six children met in a little apartment in Lexington, South Carolina to worship Jesus Christ.
Now, six campuses meet at six different locations to worship the same God.

What happened in between?


Our story is long. And it’s hard to give a three-minute description of how God has challenged, taught, and shown favor to our folks over the years.

So we wrote a book.

It’s a super easy read, a little over 100 pages long, and a powerful reminder of what God can do with a couple of men and women who are obedient to God’s call. 

If you’re new to RADIUS and wanting to know more OR if you’ve been at RADIUS and haven’t heard the story, this is a great resource for you to know us, to join our mission, and to be encouraged by the stories of other believers.

READ our story

Did you know that well over 40% of the Bible is written as narrative–as story? Real-life stories are compelling, formative, and deeply Biblical. 

For these reasons, we wrote and recorded our own story. If you’re looking to know more about RADIUS Church, or about the ways God has moved through the obedient hearts of broken men and women, read “My RADIUS” or listen to our RADIUS Story podcast on RADIUS Conversations. 

It’s our hope that the stories of real lives filled with painful sacrifices, confusing risks, and ultimate joy will stir you on to a real faith in Jesus.

LISTEN to our story

The RADIUS Story

Maybe you don’t read books. Maybe that’s too time-consuming. 

Or maybe you already finished the book and are looking to be introduced to some of our leaders from past and present. 

Either way, The RADIUS Story on our podcast (RADIUS Conversations) is a great way for you to get to know who we are, what our purpose is, and how the Lord has discipled us over the years.

Plus, it’s just a good story.