In September, RADIUS Saluda had five baptisms!

Gabby and Leah are teenagers who follow Jesus and were ready to make it official with a public declaration of faith. They have been active in the life of RADIUS Church. They are a part of our serve team and participate regularly in students and Sunday morning.

Alexus became a mom while in high school. She was lost during her pregnancy, and didn’t know what to do. Alexus considered abortion or adoption, but she chose life! RADIUS surrounded Alexus in love and in support, and our leadership prayed over her during their weekly meeting. Alexus recently decided that she was going to follow Jesus! She is actively involved in the life of the church. 

Lorena (Alexus’ friend) has seen the good and bad of life. Several friends have died over the past few years, and it has taken a toll on her. After a car accident, she examined what she was doing with her life. Lorena has made a commitment to follow Jesus!

Matt has been coming to RADIUS for a while. He is active with his group and knows the Lord, but he hadn’t yet been baptized. Once he started to come to RADIUS, Matt quickly realized that he wanted to be baptized to show everyone he is a believer. 

Join us in praying for these believers and their future walk with Christ!