During the Spring of 2022, RADIUS students from all six campuses took a three day retreat to Garden City Chapel, located in Myrtle Beach, SC. During this time students participated in games, corporate worship, and small groups. As we continue to focus on UX2 and becoming healthy disciple makers as a church, our hope was that students would leave this retreat with a better understanding of what a biblical foundation looks like and why it is important. 

In the modern world, students are under a constant barrage of people in their schools, friend groups, and on social media presenting different worldviews. As these new ideas and perspectives are presented, we recognize that it is often difficult for young people to sift through what aligns with what God teaches and what does not. One of the best ways for students to combat this is by having a strong foundation that they can use as the lens when presented new ideas; those foundational pieces being belief, prayer, Bible, and community.

Our prayer is that students have taken these pillars of a strong biblical foundation and begun using them as a way to stay true to God’s desire for their lives. Being a young believer is incredibly difficult, but we want to empower students to not only know what the Bible teaches but to live it out.