Share Your Story

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Why do we share stories? 

Sharing what God is teaching us throughout life helps us celebrate with each other and helps us learn from each other.  You never know when God will use your story to change some else’s story.


What if I think my story is boring?

Jesus is in the business of changing lives and that’s never boring. It’s great to talk about any next step you’ve taken, answered prayer, or memorable experience in your life that points to Jesus.


Where do I begin? 

You can begin by telling someone, writing, or even voice texting it to yourself!  No one’s story will be the same and there is no right or wrong. Think about your life before you met Jesus and how your life changed after you met Jesus.


What will you do with my story? 

Telling stories is something we want to practice often. We want to celebrate with you and will look for opportunites to post stories online, on our website, and in service as much as we can.  However, we will never use your story without asking first.  Tell us your story HERE.