From RADIUS Centerville – We were introduced to a family in Lexington School District One because of connections we’ve formed through a school partnership. The husband suffered a massive stroke on October 22, 2022 and began a long road to rehabilitation. It was there that he had to re-learn very basic skills like eating and speaking.  He has limited mobility and is currently wheelchair bound.

In mid-January, a group of guys from RADIUS Church constructed a wheelchair ramp that will be required for him to enter and exit their home.  In February, a RADIUS partner donated time and materials to install new floors in the living area, main hallway, and master bedroom to allow for easier wheelchair movement inside the home. 

He is now at LMC Extended Care where he continues to make great progress and is expected to return home at the end of May.  To make his transition as easy as possible, we have a RADIUS team that is doing a full master bath renovation to make the room handicap accessible.

Making these changes has eased the family’s burden and allowed the wife and children to focus all their attention on helping this husband and father regain his health.

Over the past month, your generosity has also funded…

  • two yard clean ups for needy families
  • paid rent for two families
  • paid utilities for a woman who had recently lost her job
  • a soldier who needed help with utilities
  • a single mother who needed help with utilities
  • bought groceries for a family in need
  • helped send at risk students by sending them to a camp to keep them on reading level over the summer
  • paid for the funeral of a father we met through a school partner 
  • a women’s group hosted a baby shower for women that have come through LaVie pregnancy center.  They raised over $1300 for gifts and RADIUS matched an additional $500 with your generosity.
  • We continue to pay for counseling as needed.  We recently paid for 2 sessions for a gentlemen that is struggling in multiple areas.
  • We helped several unhomed individuals with meals and even placed one in a hotel room for the night.  

Thank you for continuing to meet needs in your radius!