Bevin Metts (RADIUS Saluda) provides Christmas “goody bags” and items of need to patients in Assisted Living Homes throughout the midlands. The Ministry Grant helped fund this project allowed to increase the number of residents gifted. Bevin shared this update:

“I wanted to take a moment to once again thank RADIUS for the grant money that was provided to help provide Christmas Gifts and Christmas Cheer to the residents at the assisted living facilities.  

We were able to exceed our original goal of providing for 350 residents and were able to provide for 371.  Each resident received a goody bag that contained various personal hygiene products, socks, snacks and candy.  We also provided each with a bath towel and 2 washcloths each.

In addition to the above, we were able to provide 2 residents with much needed clothing items.  These residents were admitted to the facilities wearing hospital scrubs and had no clothing or linens.  We were able to provide each with a warm jacket, a blanket, sheets, sleepwear, socks, slippers  and all essential clothing items.  

One of the residents that received the clothing items begged a staff member at the facility to use her phone so that she could personally call to tell us how much she appreciated everything.  She told me of how she was homeless before being admitted to the hospital and then being discharged to the assisted living home.  She shared her story with me.  In years past, she had a drug problem and thus caused many hardships on her family.   Because of this, her family does not have any contact with her.  She realized she had hit rock bottom and has been free of drugs for many years now.  She has tried to build back a relationship with her family but that is a work in progress.  She asked them to help with the clothing items but they are not at that point yet in their relationship.  That’s where we were able to step in and provide for her immediate needs.   Now hopefully she can build back that relationship with her family without having to ask for material things.

That is just one story of many that I have received expressing gratitude. 

Once again thank you for helping to bless these residents.  With your help we were able to spread God’s love to them as we are all His children.”