What if our communities knew us because we show up for our neighbors and love our radius? In 2014, RADIUS Church realized that we had a limited vision into the true needs in our community.  We knew that we needed trusted partners that had day to day insight into the lives of families within our community.  Partners that also wanted to do good and take care of these hidden needs.  That’s when Give Hope was born. 

Give Hope is a partnership between RADIUS Church and trusted community partners  to take care of our community.  Funds are quickly and effectively funneled through vetted partners such as school administrators, teachers, counselors, and various community organizations to take care of crisis needs as they arise – not just at Christmas – but all throughout the year.
We believe that this is a defining time for our church to give generously with joy and purpose so that our communities will benefit and God will be glorified. Through Together 21, we want to double our generosity.