We are so grateful for your donation to our school.  We wanted to update you on how we decided to spend the funds. Of course it is a work in progress, but we are so excited to be able to offer this to our students!

Our Care Closet will be a place where students can come to get basic personal care items that they may be lacking at home or just for the day.  Students that have a need will visit the Care Closet and get to “shop” for the items they may be lacking at home.  This can be anything from toiletries to shoes and clothes.  The funds that you donated to us have allowed us to not just have a closet but an entire room dedicated to loving our students and providing them with items to help meet their basic needs.  We also have items that students may need to help make their day a little easier.  We have brushes and combs to help with unkempt hair.  We also have body wipes, Colgate Wisps, lip balm, and deodorant that students can come use if they just forgot to use one of these items before they left the house that day.  

– Charidy Quattlebaum, Principal