The Ministry Grant made it possible for me to help young teen girls build confidence, self-esteem and meaningful relationships, while also sharing the word of God.   Michelle Chinault was able to host 2 summer camps this year including one at RADIUS Church – White Knoll. Without the grant, Michelle wouldn’t have been able to make it happen. It is her goal to bring the camp back again next year.

Campers shared these thoughts:

The camp was very fun and it helped me learn a lot about how to love myself, and feel more confident in myself. It also taught me that it doesn’t really matter what others think about me. Abilene Robinson

This is a really fun camp and everyone is very nice here. I learned a lot of stuff about God. And how to be more confident. I would recommend girls to come here definitely. Sara-Grace

This camp was a whole bunch of fun and I feel it really helped me feel better about myself. All the activities and things we did were all really fun. All the girls were nice and great to hangout with and get to know if I didn’t already know them. I really recommend going because it’s helpful and a great way to have fun and get to know others. Madelyn Heskett

The camp was really fun, I would 10/10 recommend it to girls who feel insecure about themselves. What I learned this week is you are perfect the way you are and be yourself.  Summer

This week was the best week. We learned so much actually. I lost all my confidence because of some mean girls at school. They literally broke my heart and this camp helped me overcome it. During the camp we were shown how to do make-up and nails. We danced and had so much fun, I recommend this camp.Emilee Ann Huffman 

This camp was really helpful. I live in a house full of brothers so I don’t have any girls my age to talk to. This camp made me have/meet new friends I’ve never talked to. I’ve had a blast with these girls and now I have a new role model. My role model is Michelle Chinault. I’ve had the most fun I’ve ever had. Best camp ever. Love, Kaelyn Poore-Rando

Being a part of this camp helped me learn that it’s okay to be different, and that even if you are scared, finding the courage to put yourself out there makes you brave. I also learned that finding a way to calm yourself whether it’s putting on make-up, listening to music, or doing yoga is important. Having Mrs. Chinault and the other girls to talk to has really helped me open up more but not just to them but to myself as well.  Sincerely, Z

I love Mrs Chinault’s camp. I was in a really bad place with my self confidence and self esteem but now I can use Mrs Chinault’s advice throughout my everyday life and get better. The whole time I was at the camp my smile never left my face and now I’ve made great friends that I would probably have never made or even talked to without this camp. It’s important to live life while you are young and little things like this camp and people like Mrs Chinault taking the time and money to look out for us and our mental health really warms my heart. Mrs Chinault is a great person and having her run this camp makes it that much better, love this camp and will definitely be coming back next year and I think more people should too.-Unique Sewell♡

I loved this camp so much, it was a very fun experience and it helped me a lot with my self-esteem/confidence. I made many new friends and got to spend time with people I knew already. We all love Mrs. Chinault, she really helped us with everything;but she also didn’t make it boring either. I’m very excited for next year’s camp and having more fun! Thank you!~H.G.~

This summer camp gave me the experience of learning things school would never teach you. Being taught how just walking or listening to music can completely change the way you feel. Making up new dance versions to dances everyone already knows. And competing against each other in races and scavenger hunts to pass time. Lead to being the best part of my summer. Zakiyah Williams