We took 22 people including myself and Trey (5 adults, 17 students) to Mission Serve (Walterboro, SC). We were there for 7 days and had the opportunity to help multiple people in the community paint houses, work on roofs, and build porches and decks. We were all separated into different groups. Some of us stayed with each other and others were with people from different churches. I know one core memory that I will always have is on our first day, when all of us were getting settled into our rooms, I had just inflated my bed and put my blanket and pillow on it when I got a text saying that one of our people pulled the science lab shower.  They had no idea what it was and didn’t know that if they pulled the line, water would come out. There was no damage to the room but it will always be a core memory for me because it happened within15 minutes of us being at the school where we were staying. 

Joking aside, the whole week that we were there was truly a blessing. We were able to see 300+ students come together and worship God and hear from Trey about how God can rescue us from anything! No matter the situation that they may be in, our God is bigger than that! There is no mountain that He can’t climb when He is coming after us. We had 6 students come and confess that they want to get baptized and what is so special to me is that 4 of those students were family members. 2 sisters and a brother/sister all from the same family said that they are ready for the next step in following Jesus. Being their student leader, it made my heart grow even more for God because teenagers today, through all the messed up things, that are going on in the world are standing up and standing out saying that they love Jesus and they are not afraid of who hears it.

My prayer to them is that they don’t forget the night that they said yes to Jesus and no to the world. That everyday they can tackle anything that comes their way because they know that the one who created them will never leave their side and will love them for eternity.