Give Hope 2020

Give Hope 2020




In 2014, RADIUS Church realized that we had a limited vision into the true needs in our community.  We knew that we needed trusted partners that had day to day insight into the lives of families within our community.  Partners that also wanted to do good and take care of these hidden needs.  That’s when Give Hope was born.

Give Hope is a partnership between RADIUS Church and school administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers to take care of our community.  Funds are quickly and effectively funneled through our schools to take care of crisis needs as they arise – not just at Christmas – but all throughout the year.


In 2019-2020, we established partnerships with schools in 7 districts and were able to give to families through 64 schools.  Below are a few pictures and stories from our partner schools.  

Stories From Our Partner Schools

Saluda County Schools

Meadow Glen Elementary School

White Knoll High School

Batesburg Leesville High School

Pelion High School

Lexington High School

Gilbert High School

River Bluff High School

White Knoll High School

Saluda Elementary School

Saluda Primary School

Partner Schools

Elementary Schools

Carolina Springs Elementary School
Deerfield Elementary School
Oak Grove Elementary School
Red Bank Elementary School
Saxe Gotha Elementary School
White Knoll Elementary School
Rocky Creek Elementary School
Lake Murray Elementary School
Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Gilbert Primary School
Gilbert Elementary School
Centerville Elementary School
Meadow Glen Elementary School
New Providence Elementary School
Midway Elementary School
Lexington Elementary School
Saluda Elementary School
Hollywood Elementary School
Saluda Primary School
HE Corley Elementary School
Dutch Fork Elementary School
Pelion Elementary School
Forts Pond Elementary School
Batesburg-Leesville Primary School
Batesburg-Leesville Elementary School
WE Parker Elementary School
Johnston Elementary School
Rosewood Elementary School
AC Moore Elementary School

Middle Schools

Crossroads Intermediate School
Saluda Middle School
Lexington Middle School
Meadow Glen Middle School
Gilbert Middle School
Beechwood Middle School
Pleasant Hill Middle School
Carolina Springs Middle School
White Knoll Middle School
Pelion Middle School
Batesburg-Leesville Middle School
Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton Middle School

High Schools

White Knoll High School
Gilbert High School
Lexington High School
River Bluff High School
Saluda High School
Pelion High School
Batesburg-Leesville High School
Strom Thurmond High School
Brookland-Cayce High School
Irmo High School
Dutch Fork High School
Lexington One Alternative Education Services
Gray Collegiate Academy
Olympia Learning Center

District One Social Workers Fund
District One Educational Foundation Fund