What are Ministry Grants?

Ministry is accomplished in many ways beyond formal programs of the church. We value the individual passions and gifts of our partners and believe that God intends to use them both here and around the world. Ministry Grants invites our own RADIUS partners to apply for yearly grants of $250-$2500 to support their own specific projects, programs, or their personal ministry. 

‚ÄčRecipients receive financial support as well as personal encouragement, ministry development, and a communication platform.

Below you will find a list of current recipients and information on upcoming application dates. Please consider ways you can personally support, pray for, and encourage our members as they are serving.


S.E.A. Place

S.E.A. Place

S.E.A. Place provides support, education and advisement programs to empower those in need in our community. We offer several programs including a GED class, youth mentor program, parenting class, and a faith and finance class. In November 2022, S.E.A. Place mentors...