At RADIUS we know that Halloween is probably the only time each year that either you are going to visit each of your neighbors, or each of your neighbors are going to visit you. This is a perfect opportunity to be generous, meet new folks, and potentially hear the stories of those in your radius.

Makayla Nichols, partner at RADIUS Lexington, shared this story about being involved with her community this Halloween.

Our neighborhood block party was a blast! There may have been around 200 folks, like last year, which is great! There are some things we may do differently. We have run games (last year, tug o’ war and a cake walk; this year, tug o’ war and a sack race), but we may cut those next year. Without enough volunteers, it’s a little difficult to run games. A petting zoo and a photo backdrop are potential additions for next year. 

Multiple neighbors were hoping for more events for other holidays. It is so amazing to see the desire for getting together! My hope is to encourage others to coordinate or host for these other gatherings.