Last weekend we had a great time gathering with 12 couples from all campuses to train them on how to teach specific premarital mentoring material. We walked through 8 sessions on gospel, family, roles, sex, and finances together. We talked about how to approach couples as a discipleship opportunity as they prepare for marriage.

There were great questions and engagement from everyone there – we are super excited to offer marriage mentors at RADIUS along with an upcoming marriage conference in October and we dream of training dozens more couples to be able to walk with others who are ready to start marriage or struggling in their marriage. 

One cool story I heard today was from a young couple who attended the training. Their sibling is getting married soon, but refused to go to premarital counseling. Because of the material provided from the training, they are sending them the workbook to walk through all the content and will answer questions with the couple as they work through it.