What a great time together! Our 2023 RADIUS Marriage Weekend was everything we dreamed it could be. Over 115 couples, from all six campuses, gathered together at either RADIUS Centerville or RADIUS Southside for a time of community, worship and asking good questions about their marriage. 

Jon Hagen, a marriage counselor from Greenville, provided a great framework, through which to understand the different ways that God has wired each one of us and the effect it will have on our marriage and relationships. This new insight gave several couples a deeper understanding into the strengths and weaknesses of their particular marriage. It also lead to some great laughs along the way…!

We take seriously the responsibility of equipping the married couples of RADIUS to honor God, and love their spouse. If you ever feel stuck and need help in your marriage, please do not hesitate to contact your campus pastor or another staff member at your campus. We look forward to seeing more and more of our married couples at our next marriage weekend!