Our name comes from this basic premise: Every person has a sphere of influence, or what we would call your radius. As we go about our business, living life in our unique radius, are we going to look like Jesus in the process? Will we love God? Will we consider our neighbors more important than ourselves? Will we obey the truths of scripture? Are we going to be faithful to what God has called us to do in our radius?

So where does your radius begin? It begins in your home and includes those within your walls on a daily basis. Then, we take many laps a week in our world along with a trip or two to church for worship and biblical community.  Watch the video below to learn more!

Your spouse, kids, siblings, roommates… These are your FIRST NEIGHBORS, and we want to help you love them well. As you develop healthy habits of praying, reading the Bible, and confessing your sins, you’ll grow in your love for Jesus and those closest to you.

Your office, school, ball field, drive-thru line, neighbor across the street… We want to encourage you to take responsibility for these other spots where you live your life, engaging the culture, practicing hospitality and doing good deeds. Why? So that you can earn the opportunity to tell them about the good news of Jesus as you go about your everyday business.

RADIUS is a place where you can come, be yourself, and worship among friends. We’ll do the things that Christians have done together for 2000 years… hear from God’s word, pray, sing, share stories, and take the Lord’s Supper. In the process you’ll use your voice and unique gifts to encourage others as they seek to be a follower of Jesus in their home and in the world.

As we sync into our regular rhythms each year,  think about all of the chances you have for the Holy Spirit to overflow from you to those in your radius. Take some time to draw out your radius and pray for those you may encounter. Send us a picture of your drawing to For more information, click below