EastWind Philippines Ministry was awarded a Ministry Grant in the summer of 2023. Ministry Grants are awarded to partners with grassroots projects or programs as well as personal ministries. Learn more about the Ministry Grant program at https://radiuschurch.org/ministry-grants/.

This is one of the 3 churches in Illagan City(see pictures), and the main one of Pastor Torres’s churches. When we first starting helping this church they just had a metal gate to enter through, so at times the local Muslims in the area would throw rocks through the gate into their sanctuary. Pastor Torres has been able to add a total framed in glass entry, they have been able to add air conditioners which is a rarity in the Philippines. We have been able to add new chairs, better sound system for their praise team, and a separate Sunday school area for the children with better material and bibles for the children. 

The only down side as of recently is the economy in the Philippines is struggling too. Pastor Torres is talking about possibly shutting down the other two church plants. One of the problem has been that our EastWind ministry has been trying to expand this year so that hopefully the Lord would bless us with more singings so in return we would have more funds to send to the church in the Philippines. We have just in the last month seen this blessing from the Lord coming through in some big ways and we are now able to unload more funds to Pastor Torres and in return keep the other churches functioning and also Pastor Torres can keep on training young pastors to send out into Illagan City to spread God’s Word! Thank you again RADIUS Church for your help and support of our ministry in the Philippines!

-Darrell Frick, RADIUS Partner