The mission of RADIUS Church is to glorify God by making disciples, planting churches, and living generously. Together 21 is a vision-setting challenge for our church to passionately and extraordinarily live out our mission. We’ve spent our first 18 years listening and responding to God’s shaping of our church. Before turning 21, we want to become a church that multiplies. Our hope is that each partner will make a disciple (UX2), we’ll double our groups which doubles our opportunity for biblical community (GX2), each church will plant a church (CX2), and we’ll double the amount we gave in generosity in the first 18 years in just three years ($X2).  

Countdown to our 21st Birthday!








God has uniquely shaped us as RADIUS Church.  Take a walk back through our first 18 years as we remember and praise God for the stories we can tell of his faithfulness!

Lead Pastor John Reeves along with our campus pastors, presented Together 21 at a Partner Night August 28, 2021. These ideas will strategically shape our activity and generosity to help us accomplish the mission God has given us.

We gathered on August 28, 2022 for our 19th Birthday Party. We celebreated 19 stories of God at work, introduced the “Opportunity Fund”, and announced our 7th campus: RADIUS Carolina!

On January 9, 2022, we took some time to review our mission and to talk about healthy multiplication as we seek to double disciples, double groups, double churches, and double generosity before we turn 21. John Reeves, lead pastor, encouraged us to take our “prenatal vitamins” – growing spiritually healthy ourselves – before we begin reproducing. He also described what it looks like to be a level 4 and 5 church that is growing through multiplication. Watch the video for the full sermon.


JACOB ROBINSONRADIUS PELION | CAMPUS PASTOR There is no doubt that God is bringing a group of believers together to impact the Pelion community. Almost every week a new family joins the RADIUS Pelion group that currently meets in Pelion on Sunday afternoons....

RADIUS Southside – Kids Worship Sundays

Over the past few years, we have hosted a few "kids worship Sundays" where our RADIUS students and younger kids come together to play the instruments and form a little choir to lead worship for the church. Morgan has done an incredible job cultivating that team of...

Gx2 | RADIUS White Knoll – Summer Roundtables Stories

During our June Roundtables on apologetics, not only did we have a wonderful, solid response from the people at the campus, but many people came out for each Wednesday night during the month of June. This was exciting to see. However, when my 16-year-old teenager...

Marriage Mentor Workshop

MORIAH LOVETTRADIUS SUPPORT STAFF | COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR Last weekend we had a great time gathering with 12 couples from all campuses to train them on how to teach specific premarital mentoring material. We walked through 8 sessions on gospel, family, roles,...

Ux2 | Parent Equip

"This summer, over 60 families gathered across our campuses for our first ever Parent Equip nights! As a church, we asked the question, "How can we support parents in their journey to be effective disciple-makers of their children in their homes?" We enlisted the...


RACHEL CUBBAGERADIUS WOMEN'S MINISTRY LEAD On Wednesday, July 26 we launched our first Women’s Teaching Co-hort with 12 women from across our campuses. Over the next four months these ladies will have the chance to learn and grow in understanding of how to...

$x2 | MC Life Coach

The Ministry Grant made it possible for me to help young teen girls build confidence, self-esteem and meaningful relationships, while also sharing the word of God.   Michelle Chinault was able to host 2 summer camps this year including one at RADIUS Church - White...


JAIME BAUGHCOMEKIDS COORDINATOR | RADIUS SALUDA This summer RADIUS Kids, Students and their families participated in outreach in their community through what we called RADIUS Reach. Families got to show God's love to Saluda through their acts of service as well as...